My Interior Design Process

With this simple, straightforward design process, you’ll know just what to expect. I use a proven, step-by-step system that transforms ideas into reality.

Understanding Your Needs

Meet with you:

During this initial consultation, I’ll find out more about your project, ask questions to get a sense of your preferences and learn about the environment you want to create. I’ll also offer my ideas, advice and solutions right on the spot. If you’re the "Do it yourself" type, this consultation may be all you need.

Review the contract:

Once you decide to hire me for your project, I’ll draw up a contract for you to review. After you’ve signed it, I’ll get started on your project. 

Gather site specs:

I’ll arrange a time to take measurements, photos and site specifications. 

Concept Development

Consult with the trades and industry professionals:

Key trades people and industry professionals such as engineers and architects (as required) will be invited to a meeting to figure out what it will take to make your reimagined space a reality. 

Create the concept:

I’ll create floor plans, layouts, source furnishings, fabrics and more to achieve a space that you’ll love.

Develop your budget:

We’ll build an itemized budget so you can easily understand where your money will be invested.

Presentation Day

Present ideas and recommendations:

Together we will review the concepts and plans I’ve envisioned. Once you’re happy with the plans and detailed budget, I’ll place orders and create a timeline.


Construction or renovation:

This is where the magic happens! We'll transform your space right before your eyes! 

Reveal your new space:

With all the final touches ready, it’s time for you to see the transformation. It’s an exciting day!

Wrap up

Review and resolve:

Occasionally, clients realize that a few minor adjustments are needed. I’ll help you make the modifications so that your new space is just right for you.


Seeing the Vision
I listen carefully to your needs, preferences and wishes. Then I use your input to create a cohesive concept that incorporates what you want. I’ll present this vision to you – including a floor plan, colour palette, fabric, furniture and more.


A Dream comes to Life!
It’s exciting to see the concept and understand how it delivers what you want. Once you’re happy with the plan and approved the detailed budget, I’ll move the project forward until the transformation is complete

Merle walked me through her process and helped me understand how everything would come together. She measured the furniture, the space and mapped out a full plan for everything in the new flat.
— E.S. - Interior Decorating and Space Planning, Toronto

Let’s talk about how I can transform Interior Design ideas into reality for you.