Interior Design Solutions for Every Life Stage

Anytime is a great time to redecorate, renovate or reconfigure your living space. However, there are a few moments in life where getting help from a an Interior Decorator or Design professional can be particularly useful. 

Moving in with your Partner - Interior Design Planning for Couples

Trying to merge two households into one can be challenging. Especially if you and your partner have a different sense of style. How do you create a cohesive look that both people will be happy with? It’s absolutely possible and I can show you how. 

Growing your Family - Interior Design for Family Life

Maybe you have new child on the way, or you want to make room for your parents – more room is often in order. Whether that means reconfiguring your space, building an extra bathroom or moving into something bigger – this is a great time to look to an interior designer for advice.

Downsizing - Space Planning

With the kids firmly out of the nest, you get to focus on you again. You may want to move into something smaller, simpler and easier to maintain. It’s an ideal time to contact me. I can help you decide what to keep and what to give away and together we’ll plan an interior design and create a new home that expresses who you are and what you love. 

Interior Design for Independent Senior Living - Aging at Home

You want to live in your home for as long as possible. But if your healthcare needs change, your home may need to change too. That’s where I come in. As a certified practitioner of Aging at Home design, I can update your space so you can live safely and comfortably in the home you love. From installing a ramp to accommodating a wheelchair to reconfiguring the furnishings so it’s easier to get around - I will make the changes you need so you can continue to live in the home you love. Comfortable, safe and stylish living!

Interior Design for Seniors’ Residences

Let me transform your room or suite into a welcoming, warm space that allows your personality to shine through. We’ll create space for your most prized possessions, favourite photos, and furnishings. So you’ll feel more at home in your new space. 

We enjoyed working with Merle very much. She took the time to get to know us, and what we liked, and tailored her suggestions accordingly. She even helped us make decisions on some of our existing pieces that we were hoping to keep. She is a great mix of professional, flexible and friendly, which really worked for us!
— S.N. - Interior Decorating, Danforth area

Let’s talk about how I can create Interior Design results that are unique to your lifestyle needs.